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Q. When should I replace a garage door with a new one?
A. If your garage door does not operate, the door is a potential hazard. Do not try to fix on your own, instead contact a professionally trained garage door dealer. Another reason to replace a garage door is to enhance your home’s curb appeal. According to the 2010 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report, garage door replacement is the #2 remodeling project in regards to return on investment. The report states that replacing your garage door will return 84% of the cost at the time of home sale. Lastly, your current garage door may be fading, sagging and just in need of a replacement. If you have a wood garage door that needs re-painting, replacing it with a new pre-painted steel garage door may be a better value. Painting a garage door adds significant weight to a door which may affect the spring and the performance of the garage door and opener.
Q. What is the best garage door for me?
A. Each homeowner has unique needs for a new garage door based on the desired styling, the level of care & maintenance required, the energy efficiency and the location of the garage in one’s home. Steps to determine which garage door best suits you are:
1. Determine the material that best suits the care & maintenance that you desire. Amarr offers garage doors made from steel, wood composite, wood and aluminum.
2. Choose the door design that best complements your home, including window, color and decorative hardware options.
3. Determine the level of energy efficiency and noise reduction that best suits your needs depending on if you have a room above or adjacent to your garage or have children that play in front of the garage. Most Amarr doors are available with insulation or no insulation options.
Q. What is a carriage house door?
A. A Carriage House door is a type of garage door that replicates the look of doors found on carriage houses in the early 19th and 20th Century. Amarr distributes a variety of striking carriage house designs made from three different materials, steel, wood and wood composite. These Amarr garage doors look like they swing open, but they actually move up and over your car.
Amarr offers stamped-steel carriage house doors in the Classica Collection and Oak Summit Collection that eliminate a homeowner's concern of misaligned trim overlays. JELD-WEN carriage house doors in the Estate and Carriage House Collections are made from environmentally friendly, recycled wood fibers that are virtually impervious to climate changes and resistant to cracks, splits, rot and will not rust. Lastly, Amarr offers beautiful, natural wood carriage house doors under the Bob Timberlake™, Biltmore Estate For Your Home®, and Amarr By Design Collections.
Q. Are special size doors available? I have a custom-built garage that features an unusual size door.
A. Yes. AVENTURA GARAGE DOOR And Amarr offers residential doors in widths between 6' and 20' in two inch increments and in heights between 6'6" and 12'.* *Not all door models are available in this range of widths.
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